5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Started

You are tired of feeling bad about yourself. More than likely it is related to your physical appearance, but it could be your state of fitness or some other reason. Either way- you want to make a change to improve your overall health.

That is GREAT!

I want to challenge you to pre-qualify yourself for getting started with a new fitness and nutrition routine. All you need to do is ask yourself 5 questions to determine if you are ready!

#1 Am i ready to give something up?


When you are looking to start something new- something HAS to be given up. It will be your time, family time, TV time, frequent alcoholic beverages, sugary snacks, processed foods, dining out frequently (daily), or a combination of these things.


But are you ready to give something up? Are you ready to put something aside to make the time for workouts, meal prep, and restraint?

Am i ready to change my mindset?

You CAN’T go into something thinking you are punishing yourself, restricting yourself, or unhappy with the choice of exercise.


You also need to be able to ask yourself whether or not something you are doing or eating matches your personal goals.


Are you willing to acknowledge that you have to make changes, think about the process in a positive manner, and change the way you think about your choices?


This mindset change includes DITCHING excuses. It may be time for a self-reflection to determine if you are constantly giving up on things due to an array of excuses


can I put my healthy before my desires?

We are all guilty of saying we want to lose___________(fill in the blank), then heading out to the donut shop for a treat.

You need to be willing to put your health before your desires (at least some of the time) in order to make progress towards your goals.

Hint: You may have to tell your friends no to some outings in order to stick to your guns.

is my goal realistic for my lifestyle?

What do you love about your lifestyle that you are NOT willing to give up?


Are you NOT willing to give up your Friday night dinner and your Saturday night girls night, and your Sunday Brunch? That’s okay- but you may need to readjust your goal.


Take a moment to reflect whether or not your actions and lifestyle will align with your goal–or whether or not you are willing to change long term.

am I willing to take a long term approach?

The answers to some of these questions may be easy and you may be able to do them because you have joined a challenge, but when I say you need to as yourself these questions I DON’T MEAN short-term changes.


Guess what? If you make changes to meet your goals- you have to continue to keep those changes in order to avoid back-sliding!


The better question to ask yourself here is WHY. Why are you doing this? I mean the deep-down reason WHY. I don’t mean to fit in a bikini, or to get ready for your wedding because those things are short term. They won’t keep you going.


Some people are doing it because they don’t want to go through something they watched a family member or friend go through, some may be to improve confidence, whatever the reason you need to find the deep down one that gives you purpose!


So before you decide to take the plunge, ask yourself these 5 questions and seek help to keep you accountable to stay on track and remind yourself why you wanted to do it in the first place.


Written By: Melinda North


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