I Ate Cake for 10 Days…Here’s What Happened

My birthday is August 22nd and having cake (and ice cream) has been a tradition that I get so excited about EVERY SINGLE YEAR! Gifts are great, but the way to my heart is with a tasty cake. So I decided a few days before my birthday that I wanted to celebrate a little early –with cake of course. To my avail, my wonderful friend Melanie provided me with a piece of her homemade Tiramisu Cake–SOOO AMAZING and I don’t even like Tiramisu.

I wanted an early celebration slice of cake...

Then a couple of days later I dedicated it was time for a slice of birthday cake this time. So I ran to Rouses and grabbed one slice of cake to split. Then I dove in and realized it was almond-flavored cake NOT VANILLA. UGH! Although I am okay with that type of cake, it’s not my idea of a birthday treat. So I wasn’t happy. The next day I decided I was going to make it up with an actual slice of birthday cake. I headed back to Rouses and they did not have it!! UGH!

I had to go back to Rouses for a another slice!

I got a slice of the chocolate cake with chocolate icing to split. It was okay- but it wasn’t a birthday cake. I decided to call it quits because I felt like I was going overboard with cake (HAHA! DUH). Then my amazing grandma called me for a “POW WOW” on her porch with shrimp and you guessed it- cake (well cupcakes). They were birthday cake cupcakes so I was HAPPY. She sent me home with the leftovers –so yet another day with cake.

I felt like I was going overboard, but I couldn't quit.

Finally- it’s my actual birthday and of course, I asked for a homemade carrot cake and there it was! The most delicious homemade carrot cake ALL FOR ME! Then 10 minutes later my beautiful cousin shows up with treats from Fleur De Lis (WOW)?!! You know what happens next- three more days of treats. I did, however, share my Fleur De Lis Treats and my Carrot Cake with my birthday twin Amanda and of course Melanie! 


Needless to say, after 10 days of cake eating (my meals were really good except for my awesome birthday meal at Mary Mahoney’s), I gained 4% body fat!!! WOW!

After 10 days- I ate healthy balanced meals but gained 4% body fat!!

What’s the point? First, I was shocked to see I could gain 4% body fat in 10 days with good eating and cake. Second,  I GET IT! I know many people think that because I am a nutrition coach that I do not struggle with my own eating- but that is WRONG. I do struggle with it especially SUGAR. (Check out this informative article on sugar addition here) Once I allow myself to have sugar it’s almost like that is all I crave- it’s all I want! I try really hard to avoid that, but it happens. 


I did not talk badly about myself or to myself for what I did. I did not feel guilty for what I did. I was shocked- but not disappointed. I just went back to my normal eating and will keep track of how long it takes me to drop that 4%–I bet it takes longer than 10 days! Stay TUNED!

I bet it takes longer than 10 days to get it off!

Check out this awesome blog post on putting weight on and getting it back off to see why I  think it will take longer than 10 days to drop the 4% body fat.


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