So you realize one day that you literally hate being in your own skin. You feel like you aren’t good looking and it may be affecting your overall attitude and decision making- you might even be taking it out on your significant other. I want to begin by letting you in on a little secret.

I want to begin by letting you in on a little secret

Almost every single person has these thoughts about themselves for an array of reasons. YES, even that super athletic person who you think looks perfect and could never have any reason to complain about themselves


Lack of confidence will cause an array of actions- including spiraling you to make the situation WORSE. You got to the point you are from a combination of bad habits, but those bad habits have been helping you to mask the real problem. Whatever it is you have been doing has given you some type of emotional release from the underlying issues you have not dealt with or feel helpless to deal with. So what can you do?

So what can you do?

I truly believe that if something is bothering you, it is important to talk about it. Talk to someone who will listen and not try to tell you what to do or solve the problem- it’s up to you to solve the issue, not them. That may mean you reach out to a professional or just someone in your inner circle. 


I also think reading about how other people have dealt with situations is a great idea. The book Untamed was recently accredited to the transformation of some pretty big stars, but I have not read this one. I have read the book Necessary Endings which I personally found to be VERY helpful for many situations in life!

start with the most obvious habit and find a way to make it slightly better

Once you get a handle on what you think is causing the problem and you start working on it, now is the time to nix those bad habits you formed over the years. Start with the most obvious habit and find a simple way to make it slightly better. For example, you enjoy a couple of glasses of wine more often than you should. Next time you reach for that wine glass grab a water cup too. Fill the water cup and drink all of it, then have your wine and do the same before your second glass.


That seems TOO simple, right? It is and it should be! The changes you dedicate to make should feel easy so you aren’t missing things so much that you give up- then once you feel successful with that keep building. The problem is that most people need accountability- we need someone to keep us on track.


The problem is we need accountability

Find that person who will stand by your side and say “Hey, do you really need that?” or remind you of your goal when you need it most. If you don’t think you have someone to help keep you on track let us help. You can start with our 28 Day Eat Less CRAP Nutrition Challenge where we will work on those small habits together as a group and then you can graduate to ongoing coaching where we can individualize the program for you!


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