When/ how did your health and fitness journey begin?

Sometime in 2010 or 2011 I discovered Crossfit online. Which was around the time my son was old enough to give me a run for my money in the physical activity arena. After studying it from a safe distance for a time and realizing I needed to be fitter and healthier to keep up with my son I was invited to try a class by a friend. The rest is sweat & soreness.

When did you first start coming to portside fitness?

I joined the Portside fam in 2015. I needed a change after being unsatisfied at previous gyms.

why did you want to become a coach at portside?

The idea of being a coach seemed a little far fetched to me. So of course I had to challenge myself to make it happen. There’s no better way to understand a thing than to become a teacher of that thing.

what education/certifications do you have?

I am a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer and A Functional Gymnastics Trainer

What is your favorite thing about coaching at Portside Fitness?

My favorite thing is seeing someone make a connection with a movement that they didn’t understand before or seeing someone achieve a new milestone that may have seemed impossible to them in the past.

Why should people want to come take a class or do personal training with you?

Because I want you to succeed. And I will be there with you at wherever you are in your journey to guide you to your goals. From simple functional quality of life goals to marathons and beyond.

What is your favorite memory at Portside Fitness?

Anytime the Portside fam has been together outside of the gym for a party or event becomes an instant favorite memory for me. And of course my first kipping ring muscle up is on that list as well.


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