Catrina ROCKED the Nutrition Challenge and is continuing with ongoing nutrition coaching! We can’t WAIT to see her long-term results.
​Q: What awesome habits you formed and which ones you are planning on sticking with long term.
A: Thinking about what my food actually is and portion sizes.
​Q: Why did you decide to do the nutrition challenge?
A: I had started working out a couple of months ago without much change, I knew I needed something else to help feel better.
​Q: What is the most important thing you learned?
A: To take the time to know what I am eating and why. The food has a purpose, not just a taste!
​Q: Do you have any advice for others?
A: Definitely worth a try if you have never done any changes with your diet. It was hard, sometimes really hard, but I have more energy with no bloating or indigestion and feel 100% better. ​

​Congratulations Catrina!! We are so proud of you!!


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