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Dusti’s Success Story
​What’s the most important thing you learned? ​With the PT Journey, I also had a Nutrition Coach.  While working with my Coach I quickly learned your nutrition plays a huge role in your success!  My Coach and I developed a nutrition plan that was specific to me and we made modifications throughout the program to ensure my nutritional needs were met and allowing me to also meet and exceed goals I set for myself.
​ What do you like most about Portside?
This may seem like a cliché, but I loves the coaches and other members of PortSide. Since day 1, everyone has been very supportive and encouraging. ​
​Do you have any advice for others?
Set your goals and stick with them! You get what you work for, not what you wish for. .
​What was the biggest long term change you made?
The biggest long term change I have made is making my nutrition a significant priority. My nutrition has been pushed to the back-burner over the last few years. Once making the commitment to this change, I stopped making excuses for eating unhealthy and made every effort to stick with my goal.
​How did you achieve your goal?.
​I started making smaller goals to help me reach my overall goal. Each time I achieved a goal I would set another goal along with a timeframe to reach it. I found it easier to not make my goals look unachievable. ​


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