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Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Stressed

Whether you realize it or not- most of us are experiencing some sort of stress in response to the current pandemic. Sometimes stress is not always obvious, which means we are not always aware of it. Some ways to tell if you are stressed include: Lack of sleep Reduced Energy Poor motivation Laziness Bad mood- on edge Changes in hunger Anxiety These symptoms are not ALWAYS indicative of stress, so don’t discount how you feel and seek medical advice when necessary. However, if you feel well otherwise- you could be having some adverse effects from stress. If that is the case try to avoid making these top 5 mistakes in response to stress: 1. Binging on Netflix or other shows This promotes inactivity for yourself and your entire family. Try to find other activities to do that don’t involve so much sitting or lying around. If you do binge- be sure to get up and stretch or move around every hour for at least 1 minute. 2. Excessive Drinking (alcohol) Many people use this as an opportunity to have a vacation- and that’s fine, but keep alcohol in moderation. Alcohol not only suppresses your immune system, but also promotes many other unhealthy habits. 3. Poor Eating Just like alcohol- choosing nutrient-deficient foods to consume can cause inflammation and foster additional unhealthy habits. This experience should be waking you up to the importance of health not promoting further action towards sickness. When you eat nutrient-dense foods can help boost your immune system and foster healthy choices. 4. Neglecting your Normal Routine Don’t stay up late and get off your normal routine just because of the current situation. Sticking to your normal routine can help keep stress at bay, help you to stay on track and not fall off the wagon, promote an environment of security and safety for you and your family, and make it easier to transition back to daily life when this is all over. 5. Skipping Exercise One of the best ways to maintain your health is through exercise. Don’t neglect exercise because of stress. Workout with your family, neighbor, or virtually. If you have children at home, try waking up a little earlier to get a sweat session before they arise. Exercise will also help to battle the stress and is known to provide relief. Don’t know what to do? Get access to our FREE guide by clicking here: https://portsidefitness.activehosted.com/f/8


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