Why We Are Different!

our gym isn't your typical gym!

I opened portside in 2013 after 10 years as a collegiate women’s basketball coach.   I fell in love with crossfit in ruston, LA and decided to move home and open a gym.  I was drawn to crossfit because of the community.  I was always a part of a team, where your team looked out for you.   This was the feeling i got with crossfit.

What is different

I know there are many gyms you can belong to.   I am not just talking about the $10-20 gyms either but those tend to be all over cities.   There are bootcamps, crossfit’s, strength & conditioning, Personal Training, MMA, etc., just here on the gulf coast. I am not telling you to choose us but I want you to know why we are different.  

We ask our members all the time, what could we do better.  Their answer, you are doing everything you need to be doing and some.   I know we can do better!  Do we have the best equipment, i don’t know.  What we have are coaches who care.   You walk into portside and you are greeted by coaches and members.   You are asked about your goals and prescribed how to reach them.  I ask about your family, job, kids, grandparents and beyond.  Why, because i care!

I don’t want to own a gym!  I want to own a place where people are comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time.  I want growth for my coaches, members, and myself. I want results, besides that is why you come to us in the first place.  i want you to know your special, that you matter.

Why we arn't the cheapest

When you join portside, you may be thinking you are just joining a gym.  you will be wrong!  We invest in our members and giving them an experience that they won’t get anywhere else. You are not paying for access to equipment, which half of it you don’t know how to use.   YOu are paying for a change in lifestyle and habits.  It is a place where you are held accountable by coaches and members.  We are simply a vehicle for change that can add years to your life.  

The goal of portside is tO empower people to be the best version of themselves.  What does that version look like for you?   Don’t settle for the cheapest, seek somewhere that will impact your life for the better!  Again, doesn’t have to be us but we would love to help.  

Look at your budget, get rid of the $5 starbucks addiction. or the two times a month you drop $100 at the bar or out to eat.   make yourself a priority and we will too.   


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