Why Women think “will weight training make me bulky”

The myth "I will get bulky lifting weights!"

Before we get into this, I want to share a little background. I have been lifting weights since high school (pre-2000’s). I lifted weights throughout college and continued lifting weights as I age (now 38). I am also a woman! You are not going to get bulky lifting weights. You are going to get healthy, strong ligaments and tendons to protect your bones though.    I will take that 🙂

should women lift weights?

Everyone should lift weights regardless of their gender, the young, the old, everyone!

    •  No need to call someone to help you lift a 50lb bag of dog food or push a double stroller. Simply put, life is easier!
    •  When you build strong muscles, you are building strong ligaments and tendons which means less prone to injury.  
  •  helps combat age-related muscle loss
    •  This allows you to stay independent as you age.
  • Muscle is harder to maintain.
    •  which means you need to focus on nutrition.
    •  Typically, most people do not eat enough protein, which is why they lose muscle mass as well. 
  • reduces pain
    •  Having a strong body means better posture which can cause less back and hip issues.  plain and simple, it is better for your joints.
  • appearance
    •  This is a personal preference for sure.   Some women like to have muscle. This first thing that happens with women may not be weight loss but a shift in their body.   Weight is distributed differently. 
  • stronger|healthier|happier
    • This is something that we live by. I want to be stronger, I want to be healthier, I want to be happier!

will i get bulky?

If you see a women who is extremely muscular with very low body fat then I can guarantee that see has worked extremely hard for years and years with specific goals.

So ask yourself, is this what I want to accomplish?  If yes, then you will have visible musculature. If not, then you will look strong and healthy.

Most women do not have as detailed goals. Mostly I hear, I want to “Tone” or I want to lose my “midsection”. Women do not have enough testosterone as our male counterparts.

If you would like to build muscle but not as much as a body builder. Strike “i don’t want to get bulky” out of your vocabulary! 

Gaining muscle and wanting to protect your bones for the long haul are the same thing (basically). If you want more specific goals then you will have to dial in your nutrition.  


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