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We Know You Have Questions

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  • Do I Have Time to Get Fit?
  • What About My Injuries?
  • How Do I Get Started?
  • Will It Be Worth It?

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What Inspires Us

“I have lost 50lbs and never felt better. When I first started I did 6 weeks of Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching with Melinda. I immediately felt better and being accountable helped me a lot. It was nice to have someone to talk to about nutrition and to get alternate choices. So, I could message her and she would message me right back.

I have joined gyms and quit, at Portside is nothing like that. Here you get the support of nutrition coaching, or coming to the classes, or there is bootcamp. There is something for everyone!”

Tricia Switzer

“Best gym community ever!!! The coaches are awesome. My favorite hour of the day! The community is unlike any other gym I have been to and that’s why I keep coming back 4-5 days a week.”

Amanda Sharrow

“Sara and Portside has changed my life.

1st change that’s been super beneficial. My energy level during the day is sustained instead of a roller coaster nightmare of ups and downs.

2nd – increase in self esteem and confidence

3rd – this will sound silly but huge for me – more options in the clothing department. I can pick for style now and not just because it fits.

4th – better physical and mental awareness of my health and the effect my daily choices have on it. I can “listen” to my body because I know now, or perhaps have remembered, what it feels like to constantly make healthy choices and how my body reacts to those choices.

5th – learning to love myself. I constantly strive to support others but feel like I never truly learned how to support and love myself. Making my health a priority has allowed me to not just be ok with who I am but proud of it as well.

6th – this is probably the biggest one. Taking back control of my life. Controlling what I eat based on nutrition and working out when I don’t want to, saying no to those sugary cravings, learning to love healthy options instead, etc. taking control of my life and my future, not giving into to emotional eating and telling the world and fate that I get to decide the outcome.”

Kenny Daniels

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